Why are you wanting to lease your home?  Maybe your home is not selling for the price you think it should.  Maybe you are being transferred by the military or a civilian company and you do not have enough time to sell. Your an investor and want maximum cash flow with out dealing with tenants directly. What ever reason, we can help.

After over 30 years of property management in the Colorado Springs area, we have become experts in locating, screening and leasing homes.  Since we also own rental property also, we know both sides of the management business.  We will be your first line of defense and want what you want, decent caring tenants that will take care of your property, pay their rent on time and be an asset to your neighborhood.

We recommend local owners who wish to do their own management, use our RAP (rental assistance program) to locate, screen and get leases signed for one flat fee. For owners who live out of the Colorado Springs area, we recommend having us do the full management of your home.  Tenants who have an owner in another state may not communicate as well and tend to “do their own thing” like adding pets and moving in additional people knowing no one is in town to check on them.