Marketing strategies

All of our rental homes are advertised on, PPAR/MLS, Zillow and several other internet websites.


Each prospective tenant is required to be 21 years or older in order to submit a rental application and enter into a lease. We run a credit check, criminal background check, verify employment for income qualifications and verify prior landlord history. These procedures help to determine if the prospective tenants qualify for our strict leasing guidelines.


Clemente Real Estate Services prepares all lease agreements and documents/addendums and disclosures required by law, and required by our Property Management Policy and Procedure Guidelines.

Monthly Statements

Rents are due and payable on the 1st day of each month. Rent is considered late if paid after the 7th day of each month per Colorado law. Our accounting process is to collect rents, pay any invoices due on the properties, and then forward funds to the homeowners. We send rent proceeds to owners as soon as we get them. If weekends and/or holidays occur during the first 7 days of the month, there will be a slight delay in processing rents.  Our monthly owner statements are published to your Owner Portal along with Maintenance Work Orders and their accompanying invoices. Monies are deposited electronically into the account as designated by the homeowner.

1099 and Year End Statement will be prepared and sent to all homeowners.  The 1099’s are prepared during the first two weeks of January and mailed directly to homeowners. During the 3rd week of January, the 12 month Cash Flow Statements are emailed to each owner.

Tenants can Pay Online through a Tenant Portal.

Maintenance and Repairs

Clemente Real Estate Services, Inc., responds to maintenance repair issues in a timely manner. During business hours, our maintenance coordinator handles all issues. Our office also has an emergency after hours line that our tenants can utilize for issues outside of business hours. Our vendors are properly licensed and insured and are independent contractors.

Tenants can Submit a Maintenance Request online.

Annual Property Inspections

As tenants renew their existing lease, a staff member will conduct a  walk through of the rental home. At that time we can document the condition and note any maintenance issues that may need to be done. The report, along with any pictures that may be taken, will be forwarded to the homeowner. Any maintenance that is needed or desired on the home can be coordinated with the contractors and tenants.

Move out Inspections

Once tenants vacate a rental home, an agent from Clemente Real Estate Services, Inc., performs a thorough inspection by using the tenant’s “move in” inspection and noting any deficiencies. Damages caused by tenants are noted and pictures are taken to document the home’s condition. Our staff will then submit maintenance requests and prepare the accounting deductions from the tenant’s Damage Deposit funds. All inspections are performed by a staff member after tenants have relinquished possession and will are not done with the tenants present.

Other Services

If a homeowner elects to use our Rental Assistance Program only, we have the Rental Assistance Package and forms available for to review and complete. Once those documents are received we will advertise the home on, PPAR/MLS, Zillow and several other online sites. The same screening process and preparation of the lease agreements, documents and addendums is used for both our Full Management and Rental Assistance programs. We do not perform inspections of the home under the Rental Assistance Program.

 Download Property Management form